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Clear thinking in stress and trauma
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Welcome to Clarity
Trauma usually happens suddenly, often when it is least expected. It can easily throw individuals and organisations into a state of confusion about what to do for the best.
Getting those decisions wrong will result in unnecessary distress to the people affected and unnecessary damage to your organisation and its reputation.
Stress can sometimes be predicted, for instance during organisational change. But most often it is insidious, creeping up on us, undermining our psychological wellbeing and disrupting our lives both at work and at home.

The good news is that you can prepare for and respond to trauma and stress effectively, using the world class expertise available from Clarity's consultants.

Clarity provides both preparation and response services designed to help you plan for and minimise the effects of stress and trauma affecting your colleagues or customers.
Our preparation service includes policy writing and revision and a range of Training courses. Our stress and Trauma response services include face to face individual and group clinical support where and when it is needed; as well as onsite consultancy.
Read About Us to discover the depth of our experience. Read our Testimonials to find out what others have said about our services. Read our Blog to find interesting, helpful and topical comments. Then Contact us  to find out more about the services that will help you and your organisation.

Some short excerpts from an interview in which Dr Adam Lee interviews Clarity's Managing Consultant, Martin Alderton.


s Watch the unedited interview
The full length interview has been split into three parts covering the application of stress and trauma services.
Click here to watch the videos.
Trauma typically arises when it is least expected. It can throw individuals and organisations in a state of confusion about what to do and when to do it.
Stress will often creep up on us, undermining our psychological wellbeing and lives both at work and at home.
World class training consultants provide training programmes that help you to prepare and respond effectively.