Clear thinking in stress and trauma
The Biggest Challenge

Stress and the problems it causes may now be the biggest health challenge that employers face.

The challenge is made greater by the nature of stress:

  • any psychological problem carries a stigma that prevents some people seeking help early, when it might be most effective
  • there is no single definitive diagnositic symptom of stress so the problems it causes can easily be misinterpreted as either having a physical cause, or being a minor, or temporary problem
  • one person's motivating challenge can be another's debilitating stress. Understandably we may judge others by our own standards
  • managers may be reluctant to introduce the "S" word, fearing complex liabilty issues

Intervene At 3 Levels


Stress Management Training

Begin the development of a Stress Management Policy for your organisation. Decide who will work together to help design the Policy incorporating guidance from the HSE. Then plan its implementation.



Line Managers Workshop

Provide guidance to managers to help them prepare for colleagues suffering increased pressure and stress reactions.

Personal Resilience and Happiness Workshop

Provide advice and information to colleaues to help them improve their personal psychological resilience.


Personal Clinical Support

Intervene early and provide direct support to colleagues suffering debilitating stress reactions as a result of increased pressure and demands in their lives.

Design effective Return to Work plans.

Avoid and shorten Sickness Absence.

Comprehensive Occupational Health Services



Corporate Health is both the UK's oldest provider of Occupational Health Services and a registered Charity.

Based in the Thames Valley with its own Medical Centre in Berkshire Corporate Health provides a comprehensive range of services nationally.

You have direct access to those services via Clarity's partnership with Corporate Health.

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