Clear thinking in stress and trauma
What is a traumatic event?
The words trauma and stress are both overused. For our purposes we should be clear what we mean by trauma. 
If an event caused an affected individual to experience:
  • intense fear
  • or helplessness
  • and/or horror
… then it was a psychologically traumatic event.
Deciding what is and isn’t a traumatic event can be much harder than you'd expect. For instance, it often makes little or no difference whether anybody has been physically harmed. So it's easy to underestimate what effect the incident has had; especially if, at first, the affected people are "putting on a brave face" or "coping surprisingly well".


What can go wrong?
If your organisation is lulled into thinking that all is well and no specific response is required then by the time you do react you run a severe risk of being angrily criticised for being slow, uncaring or complacent.
In the worst cases a poor reaction to a serious traumatic incident can ruin a business or undermine the reputation of a public sector organisation for years to come.
What can be done?
When the right support is provided promptly and proactively anger, criticism, commercial and reputational damage will be minimised or even eliminated.
Managers have expertise in the field within which they operate. For most managers trauma is not part of their usual experience and therefore not a field in which they feel confident. Most will never have had to provide a rapid response to an unexpected traumatic event that could cause lasting damage to their organisation and the individuals that were directly affected. Those who do find themselves confronted with a traumatic event will be able to act with confidence if they have access to clear, high quality advice, and the clinical resources they require.


Our experience
Clarity's Consultants have a remarkable depth of experience. They've helped produce better outcomes after hundreds of incidents, whether involving one person or many, in the UK or overseas, and in a broad range of organisations and industries.
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Examples of Clarity's Trauma Experience
  • Terrorist Incidents
  • Missing People - support for Families and others
  • Retail Robberies and attempted robberies
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Workplace Sudden Deaths
  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Aviation incidents e.g. Deaths on Board, severe turbulence
  • Cruise ship Accidents
  • Coach crashes
  • Swimming Pool and Hotel Balcony Fatalities
  • Hotel Fires
Some specific examples of our work

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  • Suicide of school student 2017
    Clarity supported several students directly, as well as providing guidance to senior staff following the tragic death of a High School pupil.
  • Mental health assessment in South Korea 2016
    Clarity used video technology to carry out a complex assessment of an expatriate.
  • Sudden death in Tanzania 2016
    Our consultant flew to Africa to provide direct support to the witnesses of a tragic incident.
  • Serious accident on the Rhine 2016
    After a serious accident our consultant made multiple visits to support the partner of the injured and provided on-board support for the Cruise Director, crew and passengers.
  • Sudden death of a passenger 2016
    After CPR failed to revive a customer Clarity's consultant joined a River Cruise to support the family, crew and up to 160 other passengers.
  • A tragic suicide 2016
    Clarity's consultant travelled to provide prompt support to a group of young people, and management advice to their mentors after the tragic suicide of one of their group.
  • School coach accident in France 2016
    Our consultant met survivors and assisted the reconciliation with parents; later leading sessions with students, parents and staff.
  • Terrorist Attack, Nice 2016
    Clarity supported numerous victims following this incident, including one individual who was present at the start of the attack. Beginning the morning after the attack our support lasted for more than eight months.
  • Sexual assault on River Cruise 2015
    Our consultant joined a River Cruise in order to provide direct psychological support and incident management advice following a report of a sexual assault.
  • Terrorist attack 2015
    Clarity provided a 24/7 telephone helpline and face to face psychological support to bereaved and traumatised families following the tragic events in Tunisia.
  • Cruise ship collision 2015
    After a collision with a tanker in open water at night our consultant supported a group of 24 passengers during their rearranged tour through Turkey and Greece.
  • Diving tragedy 2015
    Clarity's consultant supported a group of divers and staff in Egypt, and relatives in the UK following a fatal diving accident.
  • Telephone Helpline following suicide attempt 2015
    Clarity quickly set up a helpline providing telephone based psychological support after an employee made a dramatic suicide attempt in his employer's Head Office.
  • Tour group witness tragic motorcycle accident 2014
    A large tour group in Italy witnessed a motorcycle accident at close hand. Clarity's consultant arrived the same day and provided intensive support allowing the group and their director to continue with the tour as planned.
  • International student death 2014
    Following the death of a young English Language student in London Clarity provided prompt support to a wide range of individuals including students of different nationalities, their leaders, managers and the family of the deceased.
  • Water activity death in Italy 2014
    A member of a youth group enjoying a supervised water activity died in spite of vigilant supervision. Clarity's consultant supported the supervisors, parents and others in Italy and the UK.
  • Hotel Fire 2013
    Clarity sent a consultant to Greece to support 30 people who had to evacuate a burning hotel in the night, then provided follow up in Europe and Australia.
  • Zipwire accident 2013
    Clarity was called upon to support staff running a Zipwire event after a serious accident injured a customer
  • Tanzanian safari trauma 2013
    A major Tour Operator sought help from Clarity for customers who were traumatised during a walking safari.
  • Kilimanjaro sudden death 2013
    Clarity supported a large group and its leaders after a customer suddenly collapsed and died in spite of immediate medical attention. A consultant met the group as they left the mountain. Support was also provided for head office staff and the customer's family in the UK.
  • Spanish Hotel Balcony falls 2012
    Following separate balcony falls that left two young people with serious injuries Clarity consultants supported a total of more than seventy people. Expert support was provided in various locations in Spain, in a UK High School and in a family home.
  • Care Home sudden death 2012
    After an adult resident suddenly collapsed and died in spite of heroic attempts to save her Clarity provided support for the group of residential staff that had cared for her for many years.
  • Shopping Centre suicide 2012
    After a man jumped to his death from the top of a shopping centre Clarity supported a group of staff who had witnessed the horrific scene, helping them to return to the scene and to normal activites.
  • School Ski Trip Coach Crash in France 2012
    A well-loved teacher leading a school trip died when the coach carrying children from a middle school crashed. For several months Clarity supported a group of seven instructors who suffered physical injuries and psychological trauma.
  • Oslo Bombing 2011
    Two coach-loads of touring customers had just arrived and begun to disperse when the bomb exploded nearby. A consultant provided on-site advice and support to the customers and tour guides until their departure.
  • Birmingham Riots 2011
    Staff had been 'under siege' in their retail units during the riots and had felt terrified. A consultant supported them until they all made a successful return to work.
  • Venice Hotel Fire 2011
    A nighttime fire and telecoms problem left customers without accommodation or communication with their tour operator. A consultant arrived the next morning, met the whole group and provided support until their departure.
  • Lake Garda Cruise Boat tragedy 2011
  • Cork Air Crash 2011
  • South Africa Coach tragedy 2010
  • Madonna stage collapse tragedy 2009
  • Caribbean Hurricanes Wilma and Ike 2005/8
  • Heathrow Boeing 777 Crash Landing 2008
  • Disappearance of Madeleine McCann 2007
  • Grayrigg Train Crash 2007
  • Greek Forest Fires 2006
  • Malaysian Coach Crash 2006
  • Tsunami 2004
  • Light Aircraft Excursion Crash 2003